Pricing & Market Access


Gaining pharma market access isn’t easy. We at Orion have successfully created market access and pricing strategies for both in- and outpatient products in our portfolio.


Offering and key benefits

Orion’s experts in pricing and market access are a vital part of our whole value chain and can support our partners in different stages of their pricing and access process. We have experience in managing pricing and reimbursement submissions and access negotiations across European Union countries and United Kingdom at national and regional levels.

We conduct pricing studies and arrange reimbursement advice meetings with all key players in health technology assessments. We have also developed value dossiers and payer materials that can be localised, including published cost-effectiveness and budget impact models.



Partnering with us

Our pricing and market access expertise and tools are offered to support our business partners as an integral part of Commercial Excellence and collaborating with Orion.

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