Development of inhaled medicine


Developing inhaled medicine is complex and challenging. With 30-plus years’ experience, Orion has developed a wide asthma and COPD product portfolio utilising Orion's proprietary Easyhaler® DPI platform.
Our proven expertise in respiratory R&D comprises the following:

  • Developing generic inhaled drug products and ramping them up to industrial scale
  • Analytical development
  • A proprietary high-performing multi-dose device platform
  • Involvement in all steps of the clinical development programme, from planning, execution and reporting to the submission of marketing authorisation applications.


Dry powder formulations are challenging to handle, and a thorough understanding of aerosol and solid state physics and interfacial chemistry is required to turn this material into respirable medication. Orion possesses the proficiency in producing robust inhalation products.

Orion has especially strong expertise in developing therapeutic equivalents, so-called second entry products. We have experience in more advanced powder blend techniques and complex combination products. Our subsidiary Fermion has capabilities to manufacture and supply inhalation grade Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API).

See the list of several executed product and clinical development programmes in asthma and COPD indications here.

DPI device platform

Systematic development of our Easyhaler® DPI platform has lead to a highly reliable performance and excellent user experience. Easyhaler® has exceptional dosing consistency and effective lung deposition properties, which is utilised to deliver active substances. We aim to continuously improve the user experience to help patients better adhere to their treatments. 

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